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why do you talk to so many girls or like chat up so many :s t00f c0uncil nattjan bushb4by c4stle yoshisnortscoke amelia-sai, I dont get it just chose one or none of them will want you when its so obvious you talk to so many

You’re so dumb and narrow-minded. 

I get on with girls way better than I do guys. Guys don’t seem to like me whether it’s on first impressions or hearing the bullshit that is talked about me and just believing it with doing no research whatsoever. 

I talk to a lot of girls because if I didn’t I’d talk to no one. 

Ellie and I haven’t spoken in a while and we had a chat today and she makes me laugh and cheers me up when I’m down. 

Me and Dionne had some troubles in the past because I was an idiot and pretty much had problems. I was in Birmingham on Saturday night and Sunday day and she happened to be in the same place as me so we chilled for the day, it was nothing special, we weren’t alone. 

Me and Nat have a funny relationship, we’ll go days without speaking and then she’ll text me or I’ll text her and we’ll have a laugh. I’ve never met her, and given the £80 fee and 5 hours of travelling it’ll take us to see eachother, I don’t think that will be happening any time soon. 

Alex is Alex, we have a laugh, we argue, we fight, we make up, we give eachother advice, and I’m also very aware she has a boyfriend who she doesn’t stop talking about. She’s like my mum. 

Beth also has a boyfriend who she has been with for a really long time. I just so happened to bump into her on a train once before we’d even said a word to eachother, but we ended up talking and got on well, so we still keep in touch. 

I very very rarely speak to Katie, I think there has only been 2 or 3 conversations in the past and it was nothing major, she’s a lovely girl but she’s not somebody I speak to on the regular. 

And that leaves me with Milly, she’s 21, she is a solicitor, she lives in the same building as Hugh Grant, she can do better than me even if I did want her. 

You may think I’ve gone over board with this message and you probably think it’s not necessary, but I get this type of question a lot and I feel as if I need to adress it. It pisses me off when I get called a player or people bitch about me behind my back for being a prick. 

I admit, a few months ago, I was a prick. I didn’t know what I was doing and I had a bit of a problem. I led a lot of people on and I fucked with a lot of people’s feelings un-intentionally. I can assure you (not that I need to) that each of them have been apologised to personally and I’ve learned from what I did. 

I’ve grown up now, and although I still have emotional issues, I know when I’m fucking with someone, and I know what level I stand at when I’m talking to them. 

So to answer your question, I talk to a lot of girls because I just talk to a lot of people, and they just so happen to be girls, guys don’t like me, and half the people you mentioned in this ask are just random people you’ve seen me talking to and have no foundation to build up an argument on. 

And I answered with their names not their URLs, if you understand which one is which then you deserve a gold star. 

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